Thursday, November 6, 2014

Veggie Tales and the Change of DOOM!

Have you heard of Veggie Tales? Cute cartoons that use animated vegetables that tell Bible and other stories to spread the word of God. Well apparently Veggie Tales has done something completely and utterly unforgivable.

They changed the art style.

Yep, that's it but it has people on the Veggie Tales website demanding that they go back to the old style. Saying that the Veggies look creepy, that the makers of Veggies are sellouts and one guy said the Veggies look like rapist. Yes, seriously!

Things change. I don't mind the new look. Yes, it's different but it's not bad. As shown in the comment from Facebook, Emily doesn't mind either. She's a big fan of Veggie Tales and I know she'll enjoy the new Netflix series that is coming out soon.

What do you all think of the new Veggie Tales? Is their look that horrible? I wonder if I'm missing something because I don't get the rage.

1 comment:

  1. The ad reads: A Netflix Original Series.

    Now if I'm not mistaken, that means the design change is for that project only, kinda like anime-style versions of popular cartoons. At least Big Idea didn't go that route.

    The best thing about Veggie Tales is the design for character expressions which is a toughie in 3D animation and maybe why some fans are reacting the way they are. Personally, I'm not with the new design either, but then I haven't seen the complete production yet. However, I'm open-minded enough to wait for a free download.