Saturday, August 27, 2016

The End of Summer

Even though it's still very hot out, the signs that summer is coming to an end are all around. My daughter starts school on Monday and a lot of kids are already back to school. Labor Day Weekend (aka Dragon Con) is next weekend and of course, September is only a few hours away.

This summer wasn't very exciting for us. We went to a few birthday parties and went swimming several times. We watched Star Wars in the park and went camping. But a lot of our summer was inside because of the heat and the thunderstorms.

I'm not a huge fan of summer. I'm either roasting or freezing. The weather has been crazy this year with a lot more extreme storms than usual. So I'm glad to see summer going away.

Of course, that's partly because we have a lot of exciting stuff coming up in the fall. Disney World mostly, but also Emily's birthday. We are also going to go to the Eliada Corn Maze with the Girl Scouts and of course, there is Halloween.

Even though it probably won't feel like Fall for a while, I'll be decking my halls with Halloween things as soon as we get home from Dragon Con. Mostly because I love my Halloween stuff but that means I can have it up longer since we'll be at Disney the first week in October.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and have an equally great autumn season!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Birthdays and Wrestling

A couple of weeks ago, my dearest husband got another year older. Generally he doesn't care for his birthday but since he shares a birthday with my dearly departed mom, I make him celebrate. Earlier in July, I had heard a commercial on the radio that the WWE was going to have a show on his birthday in Asheville.

I had to buy tickets for his birthday. They weren't very expensive and I knew he would enjoy it. Plus Emily is old enough now that she could come with us. Todd and I's 2nd date was at a WWE house show, and that was also the date where Todd asked me to move in with him. So wrestling has been a big part of our love story.

The show took place on the campus of UNCA. Todd and Emily got in first because I ended up having to go back to the car to take my purse back. Their security was tight to the point that it was a little ridiculous, especially since I wasn't the only one who had to walk back to their car to put their purse back.

But finally I got in and found our seats which contained a Todd and an Emily. Our seats were very good considering how cheap the tickets were. We had some time before the show started but they were showing clips on the big screen from previous shows. Plus Emily and Todd went to get some snacks.

Finally it was time, and the show started. I wasn't sure how Emily would react. She's seen some wrestling on TV with us, but live shows can be quite loud sometimes. But she got really into it! She would pick a favorite wrestler or tag team and she would root loudly for them. Sadly for the first view matches she picked the heels so her people didn't win.

Todd and I have been watching WWE for long enough that we know the wrestlers and have our favorites. But Emily didn't find a favorite until the middle of the show. She really, really wanted to see some women wrestle. And finally she got her chance. She loved watching the women wrestlers, and she loved the Women's Champion, Sasha Banks, right off the bat. She kept talking about her for the rest of the show.

There was an intermission, and a few more matches before we got to the main event. We luckily got to see Dean Ambrose, who is currently the World Heavyweight Champ, wrestle against Chris Jericho. It was a great match!

Emily stayed awake and entertained the whole time. She cheered and yelled a lot! She also fell asleep on the way home because it was way past her bedtime.

We had a good time though. It was a great way to celebrate the birth of my husband!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Disney Jamberry Battle Royale - Round Three!

I'm rating some of the new Disney Jamberry wraps as a way to decide which ones to wear to Disney World for my upcoming trip. Click the links to read about Round One and Round Two!

The defending champ is still Aurora's Castle. Its combination of sparkly castles and long lasting wear has kept it on top since the beginning. I really wish this wrap was still available but Jamberry does keep coming out with new Disney (and Marvel!) wraps that I want to try.

The challenger today is Majestic Ice, one of the Frozen-themed wraps. The Elsa's on these wraps are very subtle and you might not notice them if I was walking by. Application of them was easy and so far they are holding up pretty well.

I think the only think that really detracts from these wraps is that they doesn't scream Disney. If I'm going to wear wraps to Disney World, I want them to be easily recognizable as Disney.

In the end, Aurora's Castle is the winner again as it screams Disney with it's beautiful pastel castles. I'm not sure if there will be a round four as my trip is fast approaching. But we'll see!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Anger, Disney and the Tower of Terror

Despite being full of happiness and pixie dust, Disney can bring out a lot of anger in people. Any sort of change seems to bring out angry, from price increases to any changes in the parks. I personally still love Disney and I realize that the parks need to change and evolve to stay relevant.

It's been a rumor for a while now that the Tower of Terror in Disney California Adventure was going to be changed to a Guardians of the Galaxy ride. But at SDCC this past weekend, it was officially announced that the rumors were true.

This caused the biggest uproar that I've ever seen. People were extremely upset, despite the fact that the Tower of Terror was remaining the same at Walt Disney World. I think part of it is that Disneyland and DCA has more local people who go. I saw a lot of posts from people saying that they couldn't afford to go to Florida to ride their Tower.

In the end though, it's just a ride. Lots of rides have closed or changed over the years at the Disney Parks. My husband is still sad that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is no longer at Disney World. I miss Body Wars and the original Journey into Imagination from Epcot, but it doesn't stop me from enjoying the new rides that have come out since then.

A lot of the anger seemed to be directed at the fact that it was going to be a Marvel ride. Lots of people ranted that Disney should stick with only Disney properties in their parks. Which is so silly if you think about it. The basis of the Tower of Terror is the Twilight Zone, which is not even something Disney owns. I think a lot of people are upset that Disneyland is getting changed in order to put Star Wars land in.

At the end of the day, Walt Disney said that the parks weren't ever going to be finished. Besides, the whole 'Walt wouldn't be happy' argument that people use when something happens they don't like is a moot point. Walt has been, sadly, gone for decades. And Disney is a business that needs to stay fresh and new.

Personally I think the new ride looks awesome. Of course, I'm a chicken and don't like drop rides, so I have never ridden the Tower of Terror anywhere. But it's one ride at one park. Not the end of the world.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Importance of Ghostbusters

There has been a lot of talk about new Ghostbusters pretty much since they announced it. Lots of anguish over the fact that the Ghostbusters were now going to be females. Many people shouted loudly that their childhoods were going to be ruined over this.

I love the original movie, it is one of my favorites from my childhood. But I adopted a "wait and see" attitude with the new one because I thought it had the chance to be good. I didn't see it opening weekend but as soon as reviews started pouring in and friends posted on social media how good it was, I knew I had to see it.

Finally last week, Emily and I headed to the theater to see it. It was wonderful! It was funny and a bit scary. But it also had these amazing characters who were just doing their thing - which was busting ghosts!

Even though I'm a girl, I've never been a fan of romcom's. Honestly, my husband likes them more than I do so I've see my fair share. But I was very pleased when there was no romance at all in Ghostbusters. Yeah, Erin kind of drools over Kevin, but he doesn't seem to notice her. And her appreciation of him isn't really noticed by him. He seems to like himself more than anyone else.

Holtzman is a big flirt, but flirting with her fellow Ghostbusters is as far as that goes. In the end, they are just four awesome women trying to save their city from destruction. It was empowering to see and I was very glad that my seven year old daughter was able to see this movie because it showed her that girls can be anything and save the day.

This is why Ghostbusters is so important. You have your Black Widows and Wonder Womans in the  super hero movies, but they are just part of a team that is vastly comprised of men. Hopefully from this point forward, we are able to see more women lead action movies.

If you haven't seen Ghostbusters, I highly recommend it. Beyond the whole girl power thing, it's a solid movie that doesn't disappoint!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Disney Jamberry Battle Royale - Round Two!

It's been a while since the last Disney Jamberry Battle Royale but finally I've had a chance to try a new set of Disney wraps! You can read about Round One here!

Our defending champ is Aurora's Castle which sadly is no longer available. I love this wraps and thankfully I have about a half sheet left of them in case they stay on top in these battles. The castle on these wraps just scream "Disney" to me and they are very shiny. They also lasted a really long time, just over two weeks. This gives them an extra plus because I want my nails to look good for the entire time we are at Disney World.

The challenger is The Fairest

These wraps are from the new Snow White collection. I'm not a huge fan of animated Snow White
but as a Disney mega fan, I'm fond of it as the first full length animated film. Snow White is also my favorite character in Once Upon A Time, but that Snow and this Snow are very different.

The pictures don't really do these wraps justice. The apples are shiny and catch the light great. I'm also, in general, a big fan of dark colors for my nails and these are lovely. They were pretty easy to put on too. We'll see how these wraps hold up especially since I'll be going camping tomorrow. Camping is never easy on one's nails.

But for now, Aurora's Castle is still the winner! The Fairest is lovely but not as much as Aurora's Castle. Round Three will be coming shortly as I have sheet of Frozen wraps I need to try as well!

Pokemon Go!

If you've been on social media at all in the last few days, you've probably seen pictures and articles all about Pokemon Go. I was too old when Pokemon because a big thing to get into the cartoon but I did play several of the DS games. Pokemon Sapphire for the Gameboy Advance was my favorite and I still have that game.

Not long ago, Emily discovered the Pokemon cartoons on Netflix and got hooked. The Easter bunny brought her a Pikachu stuffed animal and she has a small collection of Pokemon cards. When this app came out, she was really excited to play.

With me armed with my phone and Emily with her tablet, we walked around our neighborhood a-hunting Pokemon. It took some getting used to but we started to catch them all. On Sunday, we went to three different parks because I was out of pokeballs and needed a pokestop.

Fletcher Park had a ton of pokestops and we caught quite a lot of pokemon. Kate's Park and Jake Rusher Park had a few pokestops and some pokemon too.

We didn't see anyone else playing the game but Emily and I had a lot of fun. I hate to admit it but Emily is much better at the game than I am. She's actually passed me by as she's on level 6 and I'm still on level 5.

I know some people are sick of hearing about Pokemon Go but I think it's refreshing to see my friends having fun with this game. This year has been terrible in a lot of ways, so it's nice to see something happy get some attention.

For now, both Emily and I will continue to try to catch them all!