Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lexington Comic Con 2018 - Friday!

Us and Tara Strong!
Todd is always searching the internet for new cons and rare celebrities to meet. He found Lexington Comic Con and once they announced that Chuck Norris was going to be a guest, we knew we had to go.

So on Friday, we got up at an extremely early hour so we could be on the road by 5 am. The trip took about 5 hours and we went right to the convention. They were doing badge pick-up early and then the convention opened up at 1 pm for the people who had bought three day passes.

It took about two minutes to get our badges and then we got our free bag and free t-shirt that came with being a three day badge holder. From there, we went to our hotel. Sadly, our room wasn't ready so we went to find food.

There was a Cheesecake Factory not far away so we went there. Emily was very excited! We got there as they were opening so we got seated right away. We had lunch plus some cheesecake, then headed back to the hotel. Thankfully our room was ready so we hauled our stuff in and I got changed into my Princess Leia costume. Then it was off to the con.

We got a little lost trying to find the entrance to the autographs but once we found it, we started to look around for who was there. We got Ludi Lin's autograph first - he was the Black Ranger in the new Power Rangers movie.

From there, we got a picture and autograph from Ingvild Deila (Princess Leia from Rogue One), a picture with Doug Jones, a picture with Judith Hoag (who was April in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the mom in the Halloweentown movies).

The highlight for Emily was meeting Tara Strong who is the voice of Twilight Sparkle (among many others). She even did the voice of Twilight for Emily who was a bit star struck.

We did do some shopping too. Emily spent all of her money right away but she did get some good deals. She got some Monster High and Equestria Girls dolls as well as a bunch of Beanie Boos. She also had to get a horse stuffed animal since we were in horse country.

We left the convention around 4:30 and got Cookout for dinner. After we ate, Emily asked to go swimming. Todd was dead tired at this point so he didn't swim but I did with Emily for a bit. We passed out quite early since we wanted to get to the convention before it opened in the morning.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Mad Monster Party 2018

Originally we weren't planning on going to Mad Monster Party at all. The guest list was ok, but we had met a lot of the people there. But then a few weeks before the con, they added a guest we had to meet. Mick Foley!

Mick Foley is a former WWE wrestler and one of Todd and I's favorites. Todd grew up watching him wrestle and he's quite the character from what we've seen.

So we decided to go for a day on Sunday. We got up, I donned my American McGee's Alice costume and Emily was in her new Pikachu costume. The hotel that Mad Monster Party was in this year is the same one as ConCarolinas.

We got there, got parked and headed inside. Got our wristbands and headed downstairs where the con would be happening. We were herded into a line and noticed that it was unusually dark. Since there were some lights (emergency ones) it took us a few minutes to realize that the power was out. Going to the bathroom by the light of my cell phone was interesting!

Apparently something had caused the substation to go down and we were standing in the dark for about an hour because there were no lights in the rooms. But finally the lights came on and we were let in.

Mad Monster Party is set up kind of weird - there are a couple of big rooms with guests on the walls and dealers in the middle. This isn't a great way to control crowds so I'm not sure why they do it this way. But we went through both rooms to try and find where Mick Foley would be. He wasn't down yet so we did some looking.

Emily bought a cat purse she saw right away because she is unable to save her money at all. It was cute though. We got some pocky and other japanese snacks from a vendor who was doing deals because he wanted to get rid of his stuff. Todd got a couple of autographs from people in horror movies - one played Jason, I think, and he was really tall. The other, I'm not sure who he was exactly.

Finally we saw Mick Foley and we hurried over to his table so we were first in line! We actually got to chat with him and his assistant while they were setting things up so we got extra time. He thought Em was pretty cute!

We got an autograph with him and then a picture. He let Todd hold his championship belt, which Todd said was quite heavy! It was really a great experience to meet him because he was super nice and well worth the drive.

After that, we did another circle around the rooms and then headed out. We went to lunch at PF Chang's and then went home! Thankfully our next convention won't be so fast - we are heading to Kentucky this weekend to spend three days at the Lexington Comic Con!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Dragon Con 2017 - Sunday!

Alton Brown!
This is the last post in my Dragon Con 2017 recap! To start from the beginning, click here!

Sunday is generally my favorite day at Dragon Con. It's a bit less crowded but still there is a full day's worth of stuff going on. We got down to the con and went to the dealer's room. I hung out at the BPAL booth for a while, just chatting with friends. I got to meet my friend Jodi in person for the first time - it was awesome!

After getting some food in the con suite, I went to wait for the Alton Brown panel. I got there over an hour beforehand and the disability area was full to the brim. I did get a seat to wait and Todd opted to skip the panel and head off somewhere more quiet.

The panel was awesome, especially since it was announced that Good Eats was coming back. I love that show and I'm excited to see new episodes. I did slip out of the panel early because I wanted to do the panel right after which was a Doctor Who panel. The disability area was jam packed again and this time I didn't get a seat to wait.

After the Alton Brown panel let out, we were funneled into the room. I got a seat on the end of a row. The panel was the Pond Family Reunion - sadly the actor who played Rory had to leave the con early so it was just Karen Gilliam and Alex Kingston. They were highly entertaining though and it was a great panel.

From there, we headed back to my aunt and uncle's house. We hung out with them and my dad. The next morning, my dad took us out to iHop before we got on the road. The trip home was uneventful and we were happy to be home. Dragon Con was a great time for us as usual and we are looking forward to going again this year!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Dragon Con 2017 - Saturday!

This is the 3rd post in my Dragon Con 2017 recap! To start from the beginning, click here!

Dragon Con Saturdays always start out the same for me, heading to the parade staging area. I always love the parade but I was especially excited because I was a Disney Princess. Anna from Frozen, to be exact.

I talked with some people and got ready to go. We were on the underside of the parking area where the parade is staged so it was nice and cool. Finally it was time to go, and I had the parade of my life! Being a Disney Princess in the parade is beyond awesome! I got to high five a bunch of kids and see the wonder in their faces as they saw us come down the street. I even got a sweet hug from a tiny little girl. It was quite the experience!

After the parade was over, I headed to the Walk of Fame and got to get my picture with John Cusack! He is one of my favorite actors and one of the bigger names Dragon Con has gotten over the years. It was awesome!

Usually, we leave right after the parade but there was an early afternoon Matt Smith panel I wanted to see. So after a trip to the con suite for food, I got in line for the panel. Because of my chronic migraines, I get a sticker that lets me sit in line and then get an end of the row seat when we get in there. Being able to do this makes my con much more manageable!

I always pick an end of the row seat like I'm suppose to. We honestly all get decent seats since disability people are the first in the room, but some people like to try to get right up front when that isn't what is marked on their pass. During the load in of everyone else, a lady who was suppose to have found an end of the row seat and tried to get up closer was in tears while cursing out the con staff because they had made her move. I'm glad they did because there is no reason to abuse the pass. It says right on there 'end of row'. Some people need different seating, depending on their disability but most are end of row peeps like me.

The panel was great and I was glad I stayed to see it because I wasn't going to pay the expensive prices to actually get a picture with Matt Smith. After it was done, I went to the food court and met Todd. The con was really crowded so we headed out.

We went to a mall that is nearby to my aunt and uncle's house and as we got to the car, I realized that I hadn't brought a change of clothes. So I was Anna in the mall, which is a little funny.

The people at the Disney store loved my costume though! It was kind of cool to be in costume in the mall not on Halloween. We had lunch at Steak and Shake which was a place neither of us had ate at in a long time. Then we headed back to my aunt and uncle's house to hang out with my family since my dad was in town.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018


I love seeing movies in the theater. It's just a great experience to see stories play out on the big screen. We are a movie family in general which is why we own hundreds of movies (slowly getting our library on digital) and go to the theater as often as we can.

Out of the three of us, I might be the biggest movie freak of the family because I love seeing my favorites multiple times in the theater. I've already seen The Last Jedi three times (twice opening weekend!). I saw the Lord of the Rings movies so much in college that I ran out of people to come with me. Thankfully, I like going to the movies by myself!

I had heard, before Christmas, about MoviePass. For about $10 a month, you can see one 2D movie a day. Most of the movies I see are 2D anyway so I thought about it for a while. Now I had read online that some people were very unhappy with MoviePass, mostly because of cards never showing up. But I decided that I would try it out.

I paid for it a few days before Christmas and I got the card earlier this week. Today was the soonest I was able to get to the movies and I was a little nervous that it wouldn't work. Basically you have to have the app and the card. Once you get to the theater, you pick the movie you want to see on the app and click 'check in'. From there, you have 30 minutes to buy your ticket with the MoviePass card.

When I got to the front of the line, I gave the cashier my rewards app for the theater I was at and the MoviePass card, and held my breath for a minute (yes, I am a worry wart). The cashier ran it like a credit card and I got my tickets plus my rewards points for the theater! It was so simple!

Today I enjoyed Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, tomorrow, I'll probably go see Star Wars again. Next week, maybe Pitch Perfect 3! There are tons of great movies coming out this year and I can't wait to see them all! I would highly recommend MoviePass to anyone who loves movies!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Dragon Con 2017 - Friday!

This is the 2nd post in my Dragon Con 2017 recap! To start from the beginning, click here!

Friday dawned very rainy but I still put on my very white Princess Leia costume because I had a photoshoot. Todd and I headed down to Atlanta fairly early and got some breakfast at the food court.

While we were eating, I saw from several people I know on social media that the dealer's room was doing a soft opening several hours early. We headed over there, and we got soaked! Thankfully, I had some clothes underneath my costume so I wasn't indecent. Plus my dress dried quickly.

There was a soft opening of the dealer's room and we were let in not long after we got there. The place was so empty it was great! I found the BPAL booth and got all the things I had promised to pick up for people. It was a good thing I did because one of the Dragon Con exclusive hair glosses actually sold out within an hour of the scheduled opening of the dealer's room.

After shopping a bit more, I left Todd and headed over to the Westin for the Princess Leia photo shoot. Someone had the idea to have this photo shoot the day Carrie Fisher died, and it was a
wonderful time. I didn't end up staying the whole time though - the pictures ended up great!

I went back to the dealer's room for a bit and talked to some friends. Then I went to the Marriott  because I was on back to back panels for the Kaleidoscope Track. A massive panel was getting out the same time I was trying to get to my panel and it was wall to wall people. Finally I did make it to the Kaleidoscope Track room.

The first panel was Cut the Cable, which we did years ago. It was a fun panel! The 2nd was Beauty and the Beast - Animation vs. Live Action. The room was pretty full and we had a lot of audience participation too. I love doing panels for the Kaleidoscope Track - it's a lot of fun!

From there, I met up with Todd at the Walk of Fame. I got my picture with Josh Segarra who was the villain Prometheus who was super nice! After that, I waited for the Arrow panel, very thankful to have seat to wait in the disability section. The panel was great and I met with Todd at the food court once it was over.

We headed back to my aunt and uncle's house and my dad had arrived. He had come down for the weekend to spend it with Emily (mostly her, my aunt and uncle too since my uncle is his brother). We hung out for a bit before heading to bed.

Up Next - Dragon Con - Saturday!

Friday, December 29, 2017

A Few Things

This year has been crazy. Crazy busy for the most part, and that leaves me little time to blog.

We had a good holiday season - I may blog some about that. It was non-stop in early December especially. One of these days I'll have time to sit down and finish my Dragon Con recaps.

I love to write and wish I could do it more. My migraines make it hard though. Hard to think sometimes and hard to stare at the computer screen. Sadly, I can't make money at writing at this junction so I'm stuck with my tech support job.

I had a colonoscopy a few days ago because my mom died of colon cancer so young. Thankfully it was clear but the prep was awful and has given me quite the migraine since. Growing older really sucks!

I'll do a full New Year's post in a few days but I do hope to get to write more in 2018!