Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Ghost Adventures - The Eerie Basement

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I’m a believer – I believe in God but I also believe in ghosts. I’ve had several brushes with the paranormal that have made me a believer. I currently live in a haunted house, but it’s not too scary most of the time. I thought I’d start to document my experiences.

When I was about six years old, my parents bought the house that I spent the rest of my childhood in. It was a nice house with three rooms, one and a half baths and a half-finished basement. In the half of the basement that wasn’t finished was our laundry room and in later years, my dad’s lab. We had a family room and my mom’s office in the finished half.

The basement creeped me out! From the time we moved in until the time I last visited before my dad sold the house. The finished part was ok, but I never liked going into the back part where the laundry stuff was. It just had a creepy vibe that I didn’t like.

I never experienced more than the strange vibe in the basement so I’m not sure if it was haunted at all. I’ve had some more concrete experiences in other places. But this started my fascination with ghosts and hauntings, though it would freak me out to think about it.

The only strange that that really ever happened down there was that a few years after we moved in. In the basement, I found a Choose Your Own Adventure book titled The Haunted House. I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books but that wasn't one of the books I owned.

My parents couldn't explain where it came from but it soon became one of my favorite books. The next spooky experience didn't happen to me until I got to college.

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