Thursday, May 21, 2015

Time Outs for Adults

Time outs are a great go to for parents who need to discipline their young children. Emily is a pretty good kid, but sometimes she just needs a time out to calm down when she gets upset or in trouble.

Honestly, I stop myself and take time outs myself when I'm getting really frustrated. Just take a minute, a breath and calm down.

Sadly, I'm beginning to wish that I could put my customers in time out. Make them sit in a time out chair and just chill for five minutes. I work in tech support you see, and most of the people I deal with know little to nothing about computers.

Common courtesy is sadly not so common these days. Since I'm just a faceless voice on the phone, some people think it's ok to verbally abuse me. Luckily, if it gets too bad I can hang up on them. Thankfully that doesn't happen too much.

What does happen all do often are the people who will troubleshoot but it will take twice as long as the person complains bitterly about how much the internet sucks, how much I suck, how they shouldn't have to troubleshoot. It goes on and on.

These people need time outs. You are wasting your time if you are so angry at the situation that you complain and rant the whole time you are on the phone with a tech. Take a time out, get a cookie and a juice box and just calm down.

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