Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Disney Alligator Attack

I love Walt Disney World. It's my favorite place to be anywhere in the world. To get some Disney at home, I'm a member of several Disney related Facebook groups.

It was nearly time for bed last night when people started posting in those groups about an alligator attack that happened on the beach of the Grand Floridian. You can read about it here, but this morning they still haven't found the child who was taken. 

I knew that there were alligators in the waters throughout Disney World. Florida, in general, has a lot of alligators. But Disney World was built on land that was originally all swamps. I've heard stories of people seeing alligators at the resorts and sometimes in the parks.

When Todd and I took our Disney Honeymoon, I remember seeing signs about not going in the water. I was confused when we started planning since we were staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort. I mean, when I think of beaches, I think about swimming thanks to growing up in Michigan. But it soon became clear why swimming wasn't a good idea.

I feel terrible for this family. Disney is suppose to be a happy, magical place. I don't think Disney is at fault at all, but I know that they will probably put more signs up, maybe even block some of the access to the beach. 

When we go to Disney in October, I know I'll be keeping extra close tabs on Emily. She's obviously older but it's still scary. A family's child is still missing and the chances of a happy ending are slim. 

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