Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sickness, Power Outage and a Lack of Sleep

I took an unexpected blogging break due to some illness issues in my family. I’ll probably be slow on getting new posts up for the next week or so as I get ready for Disney. After that, there will be no posts from me for a week while we are on vacation. If you want to see pictures and such from our Disney trip, I’ll be tweeting from @ChaosMandy on Twitter.

Last week didn’t go very well for me. It started with a wicked migraine on Tuesday that was so bad that I had to call in sick to work. I slept most of the day and felt a bit better the next day. My job is really good about me taking time off if I’m having a flare, but generally I have to make up the hours by working on my day off, which is Sundays.

On Friday, Emily and Todd napped since Todd works from 7 pm to 7 am on the weekends. Emily got up before Todd did and said that her tummy didn’t feel well. She was acting fine otherwise, so I just kept my eye on her. When it came time for dinner, she had one bite and then was racing off to the bathroom to get sick. This was the start of a very long night since she got sick every couple of hours until 2 am.

She was really upset, so I had brought her in bed with me since Todd was working anyway. We both didn’t get a lot of sleep but I dragged myself to work in the morning.  My pain levels had been lowering since the flare on Tuesday, but they spiked up again after a night of no sleep. I did a whole lot of nothing on Saturday after work, and though Emily was feeling better I had her sleep with me again since I wanted her close so I could keep an eye on her.

The only problem with having Emily in bed with me is that she moves a lot in her sleep. So even though we got more sleep, I didn’t sleep very well. Sunday I had to work and it was a rough shift. The combo of rough work days and little sleep made my pain levels flare up again.

So Monday night I decided to go to bed early in order to hopefully feel better. Right after I went to bed, our power went out. Emily freaked out and was really upset, so she ended up with me again. She tossed and turned for a while so another night of not a lot of sleep for me.

Thankfully the power did come back on and thankfully Emily didn’t get sick again after that night of throwing up. But I’m still tired. We have nine days before we leave for Disney World and I have a lot to do. Hopefully there will be no more issues between me and sleep for the next week.

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