Saturday, July 26, 2014

Firefly Online

Like most geeks out there, I've been watching the news coming out of San Diego Comic Con for the last several days. The news that excites my Browncoat heart the most is the fact that the whole cast of Firefly is lending their voices to the new MMO, Firefly Online.

Talk of the Firefly Online game has been floating around the internet for years. I love MMO's so I'd know that I'd want to play if it ever came a reality. Seemingly, soon we'll be able to all be Big Damn Heroes in cyberspace.

I have been trying to pre-register for several days and the site has been down. I went to the developer's Facebook page and found out this morning that the website had crashed their ISP and got them banned. We Browncoats are certainly mighty.

As soon as the site is back up, I, along with other Browncoats, will pre-register. And eagerly await the day when we can play in our favorite universe!

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