Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Herself the Elf

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Over the last few years, several childhood favorites have been rebooted. With the huge success of My Little Pony, it's not a big surprise that other classic cartoons are getting new shows. Just today, it was announced that Rainbow Brite is getting a reboot.

I liked Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony, but I would be very surprised if my favorite 80's show got a new century reboot. That show was Herself the Elf.

I'm not sure why I loved Herself the Elf so much, but it was a great show. It was a little dark, though the characters were cute. It felt a little like the Rankin/Bass Lord of the Rings cartoons. Plus it was very much a fantasy which has been my preferred genre since I was small

Too bad Herself the Elf faded into obscurity, so I don't see it coming back. There are a handful of YouTube videos out there so I can relive my childhood if I want. 

Does anyone remember Herself the Elf?

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