Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kindergarten Bible

I spent the weekend feeling pretty sick - I had a cold that gave me a migraine. But I made myself go to church on Sunday.

Once a year, our church has a service at Lutheridge which is a camp close to the church. There is a beautiful open air chapel where we all gather. I honestly have only been to this service once, because I was singing in the choir. I always, always get lost in Lutheridge so I don't like going there.

I actually pointed us the wrong way on Sunday and we got a little lost. But we made it before the service started. Every year, our church has the blessing of the backpacks and the last couple of years have been at the Lutheridge service. This usually is not enough to convince me to go into the woods where I get lost, but this year I got an email that kids going into Kindergarten would be getting their Bibles.

So we went so Emily could get her Bible. The service was lovely - I do like the woods. And Emily was very excited to get her story Bible. She flipped through it the rest of the service. She also got her backpack blessed and all the kids got a rubber bracelet that said 'stop bullying' on it.

Since Sunday, every night I've been reading Emily a story out of her Bible. She'll be learning how to read better in school and hopefully she'll be able to read it herself soon.

It's a really great thing that our church does. I feel very blessed to have a great church that is very invested in the youth of the congregation!

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