Friday, April 8, 2016

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Last weekend, I finally got the chance to see Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Todd had seen in opening weekend, and had said it was ok. This was not a great review from a man who looooves Batman. I had heard mixed reviews from my friends, but I still wanted to see it.

It was worth seeing, but some parts were better than others and it definitely had a lot of flaws.

Spoilers Ahead! Scroll past the picture if you want to read on!


This movie was long, super long. They tried to cram so much into it that there were long parts where I started to get a little bored. I mean, did we need Bruce Wayne's back story yet again? I think nearly everyone who has access to movies or TV across the world know that Bruce Wayne's parents get shot and put him on the path to being Batman.

What Bruce was doing during the Man of Steel movie was a bit helpful because we got to see that he already was not a fan of Superman. Beyond that, too much backstory!

A lot of the movie wasn't action. It was maneuvering by Lex Luthor (who was brilliantly played by Jesse Eisenberg) to get Batman and Superman to fight. Once we got to that fight, it just seemed so pointless. All Superman had to do was say, "I don't want to fight you but Lex has my mom captured."

Instead, we get Superman telling Batman that he was going easy on him which didn't end up well for him because Batman had weapons with Kyptonite. It wasn't until Batman was about to kill Superman and Superman said "Martha" that the fight ended.

Because they both had moms named Martha, Batman and Superman went from beating the shit out of each other to being best buddies. Well, maybe not best buddies, but they were on the same team from then on.

Diana Prince was in little bits of the movie as we went through long back story land, but we didn't see her as Wonder Woman until the last battle, which had it's own issues.

I love the Doomsday story. I really regret not buying the comic books when they were out but I do have the novelization of the whole thing that I got a long time ago. It's one of my favorite books. But I didn't like the way the movie handled it.

Doomsday in the movie was a creature that Lex Luthor whipped together using General Zod's body and Lex's DNA. The fight didn't last very long and it was really easy, compared to the comic Doomsday, to take down.

He did kill Superman, which was ok I guess. But I doubt we'll get the whole rest of the Death of Superman story which is a real shame.

All in all, it was mildly entertaining. While I'm sure Todd will buy it when it comes out for streaming, I don't know if I would watch it again. Lex and Wonder Woman were the best parts of the movie though I did like Ben Affleck as Batman. Jeremy Irons was a wonderful Alfred too.

Mostly they tried to jam too many storylines into one little movie. It would have been much better if they had picked one and gone with that.

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