Friday, January 24, 2014

The Heat Debacle

I hate being cold. It’s one of the big reasons why winter is my least favorite season. It’s been very, very cold this winter which is unusual for NC. Several people on Facebook have mentioned that it’s been hard to heat their houses with the bitter cold and it reminded me of the time that our heat got turned off in the dead of winter.

The first year that Todd and I lived together we opted to go to our separate parents’ houses for Christmas. It was an odd year since my mom hadn’t been dead for very long. My dad, sister and I tried to do some of our old traditions but it just felt weird.

I didn’t stay very long at my dad’s house and I was the first one back to our apartment. Todd had been the last to leave and he turned OFF the heat. This was in December in Michigan! Needless to say it was literally freezing in our apartment.

After cranking the heat up, I got under my electric blanket. I love electric blankets because I’m always cold. This one had been a gift from my grandpa from a few years earlier and I was super thankful to have it. I just played on my DS under the blanket while it took several hours for my apartment to warm up.

Todd apologized when I called to tell him, though he also found it very funny. From then on, we never turn our heat off when we leave. In part because of this incident but also because we don’t want to come home to cat-icles. 

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