Thursday, September 4, 2014

Todd the Psychic

I will get to the Dragon Con recaps in the next couple of days. The con crud has been really kicking my butt hard the last few days. But I thought I'd share a little story that happened at the con.

Todd and I did quite a few panels on the Paranormal track. Most we were interested in, but we were also trying to avoid the crowds that were in the Marriott and the surrounding area on Saturday. The Paranormal track is in the Sheraton which is a little removed from the chaos.

The panel that ended up being the biggest bust for us was the ESP panel. It ended being an interactive panel and I learned that I'm not psychic at all. We had to try and guess what the pictures were in envelopes. At first, the lady leading the panel just held them up. But then she asked for volunteers to project the picture out to the audience with their minds.

I got nothing right on any of them - usually I was so far off that it was funny. Todd got a few things right on some of them, but mostly he struck out as well.

The next day, I had bought some mystery mini figures in the dealer's room. As a joke, Todd decided that he was going to use his ESP 'powers' to guess what figure I was going to get. The first two he got completely wrong, but on the Nightmare Before Christmas box he was right!

We were surprised but apparently Todd is a little psychic after all!

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