Friday, October 31, 2014

My Ghost Adventures - My Haunted House

I've been writing a series of my ghostly encounters. I've talked about how my basement felt haunteddorm room spirit messages, and ghosts of the theaters and the office I worked at. This is my last post on this, until something else happens, which may happen since I live in a haunted house.

We bought our house in the winter of 2007. At first, nothing really odd happened. About six months after we moved in, I started noticing things. It was little noises like footsteps down the hall. Todd thought I was crazy, but I was sure our house was haunted.

After Emily was born, the activity amped up quite a bit which caused Todd to finally believe that we did have a ghost. When Emily was very small, I'd stay up with her if she was awake in the night. I'd wake Todd up in the morning and pass her off so I could get a little bit of sleep.

I was sleeping one day and Todd had Emily in the living room. He often who lean back in our recliner and have her on his chest. One day, he actually fell asleep one morning and he was shook until he woke up! I was fast asleep and no-one else was in the house.

Emily would also giggle and coo at nothing when she was a baby. We figure that she was seeing the ghost. Since she's gotten older, she hasn't seen anything though.

We hear footsteps down the hall sometimes and the ghost likes to hang out in the bathroom for some reason. Todd has seen the ghost move our towels and he/she likes to close the bathroom door when our cat Willow is in the tub.

It's not scary though - the ghost isn't evil or anything. They are just there. Though Todd and I have both decided that we aren't going to do any research on our house to find out who the ghost might be until after we move. We don't want to stir anything up.

Up Next - Ghost Cat!

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