Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Ghost Adventures - Cinema Ghosts

My previous encounters with what I thought might be ghostly spirits weren't very conclusive. My basement may or may not have been haunted and my dorm mates may have been pulling a prank on me. But my next encounter I'm sure was ghosts.

When I was in college I got an awesome job working at a movie theater. We had a four screen theater and two older one screen theaters downtown. The two downtown theaters were call the Ward and the Broadway, and they both were (are?) very haunted.

I worked mostly at the Ward which had the bathrooms down a level from the concession stand and the theater. Even though the bathrooms were on the same level, the women's bathroom was nearly always 10 degrees colder than the men's bathroom. I would hear noises sometimes when I was down there alone as well, but the Ward ghost wasn't scary. It was just there.

The Broadway theater's ghost on the other hand was scary. There was a feeling of gloom and the air was heavy in the Broadway. I always felt very uncomfortable there and was thankful that I only worked there a handful times. I did see Sleepy Hallow there and that movie is creepy on it's on, but the gloom and coldness got worse as the movie went on.

My boyfriend at the time was a manager at the theater and part of his job was to put the movie reels together. He'd have to watch the movie to make sure it was put together correctly. He and another manager were in the Broadway alone and they started hearing noises. They had a video camera with them because they were both Broadcasting majors at the college. They shot some video and when they reviewed it, there were voices on there that weren't theirs.

A big chain came in and built a 12 screen theater. They knocked the four screen theater down and sold the Ward and the Broadway. The Ward became a church and the Broadway ended up being a community theater.

After college, I went to visit my college best friend for the weekend. She was involved with the community theater and I helped her backstage with the current show. We started telling old stories about the Broadway to a friend of hers and as we did so the temperature got lower and lower. I felt very uneasy and I was very glad to get out of there. That was the last time I visited either theater.

I know without a shadow of a doubt those two old theaters were haunted. I didn't mind the Ward's ghost but there was something evil and menacing lurking at the Broadway.

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