Wednesday, March 18, 2015

MS Walk

A little over a year ago, Todd ended up in hospital. He wasn't seeing out of one of his eyes and he ignored it until it got bad enough that he went to the ER. We weren't sure what was going back, but we were very upset to hear the diagnosis was Multiple Sclerosis.

Since then, Todd's managed with it. He changed his eating habits, dropped 50 pounds and has kept healthy. His hands aren't as steady as they once were but he's doing ok. But it's a disease that gets worse with age.

When I saw that Emily's school was participating in a walk for MS, I had to sign up. Todd isn't the only one I know who suffers from this disease. My cousin and Todd's aunt also have it. So it's very important to me to find better treatments and even a cure for this.

If you want to help out by donating, go to my page at MS Walk. If you can't donate, please think of me April 19th for the walk itself!

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