Monday, April 27, 2015

Family Game Night

I love board games a lot. I have since I was a kid. We have a lot of board games but a lot of them just aren't very fun with just two people. So I've been waiting for Emily to be able to read well enough to play with us.

After asking on Facebook, I had a realization. Settlers of Catan doesn't involve a lot of reading and she could probably play that. So yesterday we had family game night.

We started with Chutes and Ladders at Emily's request. I hate Chutes and Ladders because it's boring and it can go on forever. But Emily likes it so I endured two games while Todd was off getting supper.

Once Todd got home, we had some food and then set up the game board for Settlers of Catan. It has been a couple of years since either Todd or I have played it so we had to re-read the rules. For this game, we did also forget some rules, but that was ok.

Emily did great! She had a lot of fun building her settlements and she really liked getting development cards. In the end, Todd won because he's great at strategy, but it was a fun time for all.

Emily wanted to play again but it was getting late at that point. But we will play again in the future!

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