Saturday, April 4, 2015

Work Rivals

I binge watched Parks and Recreation last month, actually twice because it's a great show. Several of the episodes showed how the Parks and Rec department had a blood feud rivalry with the library. This makes me think about my own work rivalry.

I work from home but I still have coworkers. I'm on a team and we communicate via several chat rooms. We mostly talk about work stuff and there is a common dislike for customer service.

Customer service handles all account changes, billing as well as setting up new accounts. In tech support, we just troubleshoot issues once the service has been set up.

For some reason, customer service seems to be extremely lazy. I'm sure they aren't all like that but we get a lot of customers who have been seriously screwed over by our customer service department. I got screamed at by a guy today who should have been sent a new modem but customer service was too careless to do their jobs correctly.

It drives me crazy and I know my coworkers feel the same way. We try to do our jobs as well as we can, but we can't make account changes or get service turned on.

So while I work here, customer service will be my library. My coworkers will bond by complaining about their poor work.

Do you have a work rival?

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