Saturday, February 6, 2016


Subscription boxes seem to be all the rage these days. Probably because it's fun to get a box of goodies in the mail every month. I've been tempted by some, like Lootcrate, but my house is small and I don't need more stuff.

But last month I jumped on the bandwagon by getting my first box from Grrlbox! The idea is to make that time of the month less crappy. There are several options including a teen box, a first period box, a no more flo box for those people who don't actually get a period anymore. I just got the regular box.

There was a lot of fun and yummy stuff in the box. Blue vanilla cake mix - I bought blue frosting to go on top so our tongues have been blue since I made it.

Waterless shampoo, a little planner which is something I needed to keep track of Girl Scout stuff, fancy pads, a book, and an
awesome pen! I also got chili dark chocolate which tastes like dark chocolate but my mouth did feel a burn after a few pieces.

The weirdest thing in the box was coconut chips that were bacon flavored. I could taste the coconut but the bacon came through really strong. Still on the fence if I like them or not, but it's fun to try something new! Emily said she liked them but there isn't a lot of food she doesn't like, especially when it's mine.

The best thing in the box was the Wonder Woman underwear. They are super cute and they are also really comfortable!

All the stuff I got was either edible or useful in some way. And you can never have enough books so that's awesome too!

Being on your period can really be miserable, but Grrlbox makes it a little less crappy. I'd highly recommend it to anyone!

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