Sunday, February 28, 2016

Longing for Spring

Winter, by far, is my least favorite season. The cold really jacks up my pain levels and I hate being cold. The weather this year can't make up its mind, which gets really annoying. We had massive rain / wind storms last week and a few days later it was snowing.

So I'm longing for spring. Warmer weather, no snow and hopefully not so much with the yo-yoing temperatures. Plus getting winter done puts me one more season towards fall.

Hopefully with March coming in a couple days will also bring consistently warmer weather. I do live in the South and our winters tend to be shorter than up north. My birthday is at the end of March and it wasn't uncommon for it to snow on my birthday when I lived in Michigan.

I know Emily will be happy to be able to play outside with her friends more and hopefully I can start walking around the neighborhood again.

Are you looking forward to Spring?

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