Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lazy, Not Lazy and the Struggle

I will fully admit that I was pretty lazy as a kid. My room was usually a mess because I didn't like picking it up. I'd much rather be reading or watching TV. Even after I got into college, I was still pretty lazy.

My life turned upside down after I graduated from college. I moved back home, my mom passed away, and then a year later, my chronic pain started. Being in that much pain all the time makes one lay around and do nothing a lot. It's not being lazy, per say, but trying to cope with the pain.

I think what really caused me to become really not lazy is when I had a kid. Especially as she got older. Our house isn't very big and Emily has a lot of stuff for someone so small. My dear husband tries to pick up but his idea of clean and mine are not the same.

Chronic pain is still a part of my life though so I have to walk that fine line between overdoing and not doing enough. Some people might be shocked to hear that I overdo it more often than not. A

After I've been stuck in bed for a few days in the middle of a flare, I get all antsy and want to clean all the things. This last week has a major flare with the weather, and I've been so bored and wanted to clean.

This morning, while working, I organized some stuff that I'm selling by cleaning off a shelve on the bookcase I have in my office. I would probably clean more if the cord to my headset would reach further. Later I will do laundry and dishes! And hopefully not overdo things!

It's a struggle day by day, but I try to manage the best that I can. I surely am not lazy. I parent, I work, I write, I clean, among other things. Hopefully the winter will soon be in the past so I can get even more done around my house!

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