Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lent and Soda

I'm Lutheran and for us, it's not required we give something up for Lent. Over the years, I've sometimes given things up but most of the time I don't. But this year, I originally decided to give up soda. Right before Ash Wednesday (which is the start of Lent), I decided to also give up fast food because I was eating far too much of it.

It's been a big pain in the butt - which I suppose is the point. It's not worth giving something up if you don't suffer a little bit without it.

The fast food part isn't a huge deal. I miss it but not like how I miss soda. Oh soda, I wish I could drink you up!

Especially this week, I've been really wanting Vernor's badly. I caught a bug and I've been very nauseous all week. This also gave me a pretty bad migraine because my body hates me. I've been mostly drinking water and V8 Strawberry Lemonade (which I water down because it's too sweet on it's own).

But I can't have water when I'm sick to my stomach, and the lemonade isn't great either. But I will be strong! I will not drink soda or eat fast food until Easter! And even after that, I'm hoping to eat / drink much less of both.

Jesus suffered and died to wash away my sins. Least I can do is give up on a few conveniences for those 40 days.

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