Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Disney Jamberry Battle Royale!

I was very excited when Jamberry announced that they were doing a line of nail wraps with Disney. Emily and I are going to Disney World in October, and I'm definitely going to be picking on of these wraps to wear for our trip. 

I thought it might be fun if I pitted the wraps against each other (as I get them), until I finally have a winner! So far, I've only been able to try out two of the Disney Jamberry wraps so they will be going head to head in today's battle.

First up - Mickey's Girl

If you click on the link, you will see a picture of these wraps in the catalog. But what you don't see is that the Minnie heads are just clear, which means your nail is showing through.

I'm pretty good at putting on Jamberry wraps. I use a hair dryer because I currently don't have a mini heater. But I have my technique down pat after over a year of being a Jamberry user.

These nail wraps were harder than most to put on. You had to position them very exactly to get Minnie's head center. Plus for some reason, the black top part felt like it had the consistency of electrical tape. 

The other issue I had was putting them on my big toes. My little toes are so small that I've never been able to get the wraps to stay on the way they should. So I generally put wraps on my two big toes and paint the others a matching color.

I keep my toe nails fairly short and Minnie's full head barely fit on my toes. I managed it so Minnie was not decapitated thankfully.

Once they were on, they looked pretty good. I got a lot of compliments on them from people and they were fun to wear. They did last nearly two weeks on my fingers and about a month on my toes.

Next up - Aurora's Castle!  

I'm not usually a fan of pastel colors, but I ordered these because they are currently the only wraps that have a castle on them. 

These were easy to put them on, especially compared to the Minnie wraps. They are super shiny. The pictures, both mine and the one in the catalog, can't really show how shiny and sparkly they are.
They catch the light and sparkle even more in the sunshine. The pink and blue are muted, and the castle and the roses are what catches the eye.

I love the Aurora's Castle wraps. They are the clear winner for me over the Mickey's Girl wraps. They were much easier to put on and they are beautiful which makes them fun to wear. Aurora's Castle is now my all-time favorite Jamberry wraps.

Once I can order more Disney Jamberry wraps, Aurora's Castle will have to defend their title as Disney Wrap Champion (for me anyway)!

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