Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Girl Scouts and Baseball

Baseball is the great American sport and while I've never been a fan of watching baseball on TV, it's always a ton of fun to see a game live. Asheville has a minor league team but we've never went to see a game. But this past Saturday, it was Girl Scout night for the Asheville Tourists so we went with Emily's Girl Scout troop.

The night before it had been storming so the game got cancelled. So instead of one game, we got two! Emily and I got there just as the first game was starting. They were doing a giveaway of jerseys for the first 1000 people. I was a bit surprised that we had gotten there in time to get jerseys, but we did!

Emily was excited by all the food vendors and wanted to eat first thing. But after we got our free jerseys, I wanted to find our seats. We were the first ones from our troop to get there, and we had great seats. We only watched a bit of the game before we went to get some food.

As her troop mates started arriving, the more excited she got. The girls had a good time cheering on the Tourists and singing with the songs that were played between plays. The first game was suppose to only be 7 innings to make the second game not run too late.

At the end of the 6th inning, all the Girl Scout troops went to line up for the parade. I was a little worried when the game went into extra innings and took two more innings to finish the game. But Emily's troop leaders said all the girls were very patient as they waited.

Between games, all the Girl Scout troops got to march on the field. Emily was so cute as she waved wildly to everyone. One they were done, they made their way back to the seats. After Emily came back, we went to go get snacks.

Emily got cotton candy and I got a funnel cake that I shared because it was huge. At this point, it was past Emily's usual bedtime but she was really hyped up on sugar. Her and her friends cheered loudly for the Tourists as they waved their hats. Some of them even got a picture with the mascot, Mr. Moon.

Around 9:30, I felt it was time to get home. We had to be up early the next morning to sing at church. The people left from her troop also left the game at the time. We got a ride to our car in a golf cart, which made Emily very happy.

All in all, it was a fun time. The Tourists won both games and Emily enjoyed herself!

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