Friday, May 27, 2016

The Most Useless Of Chores

I will fully admit that I was pretty lazy as a kid. My room was often like a minefield of stuff on the floor. I was more interested in reading than anything else when I was younger. I had chores I had to do and the one I disliked the most was making the bed. It just seemed pointless to me.

I've grown up and I have my own house now. Since I'm the mom and I work from home, a lot of the chores fall on me. I do dishes, laundry, pick up, scrub the toilet etc. All of those have a purpose and I don't mind doing it because I like having a house that isn't a disaster.

But one chore that I don't do is making the bed. I know some people think it makes everything look neat and tidy - and I suppose it does. But it just isn't something I do.

Todd and I don't share blankets and we haven't our entire marriage. He runs hot and I run cold. Usually he'll have a sheet and sometimes a blanket in the colder months. I have a a comforter, a blanket and sometimes my electric blanket when I get really cold. It's not neat and tidy to have all these blankets on the bed. I'll arrange Todd's blankets before I go to sleep since he gets home later than me.

Emily has 2 blankets and a comforter that she uses no matter what time of year it is. She doesn't make her bed either. What we do at bedtime is either Todd or I will tuck her in by putting her blankets over her. It's a nighttime ritual we've had since she started sleeping in a bed. I just don't see the point of making her make her bed since all the blankets will be coming off anyway.

I'm sure someone out there will probably think I fail at housewife-ing but as long as the people (and cats) living here don't care, neither do I. I'll never have a Pinterest worthy house anyway. All those hours I spent making my bed as a kid could have gone to reading more books!

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