Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Anger, Disney and the Tower of Terror

Despite being full of happiness and pixie dust, Disney can bring out a lot of anger in people. Any sort of change seems to bring out angry, from price increases to any changes in the parks. I personally still love Disney and I realize that the parks need to change and evolve to stay relevant.

It's been a rumor for a while now that the Tower of Terror in Disney California Adventure was going to be changed to a Guardians of the Galaxy ride. But at SDCC this past weekend, it was officially announced that the rumors were true.

This caused the biggest uproar that I've ever seen. People were extremely upset, despite the fact that the Tower of Terror was remaining the same at Walt Disney World. I think part of it is that Disneyland and DCA has more local people who go. I saw a lot of posts from people saying that they couldn't afford to go to Florida to ride their Tower.

In the end though, it's just a ride. Lots of rides have closed or changed over the years at the Disney Parks. My husband is still sad that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is no longer at Disney World. I miss Body Wars and the original Journey into Imagination from Epcot, but it doesn't stop me from enjoying the new rides that have come out since then.

A lot of the anger seemed to be directed at the fact that it was going to be a Marvel ride. Lots of people ranted that Disney should stick with only Disney properties in their parks. Which is so silly if you think about it. The basis of the Tower of Terror is the Twilight Zone, which is not even something Disney owns. I think a lot of people are upset that Disneyland is getting changed in order to put Star Wars land in.

At the end of the day, Walt Disney said that the parks weren't ever going to be finished. Besides, the whole 'Walt wouldn't be happy' argument that people use when something happens they don't like is a moot point. Walt has been, sadly, gone for decades. And Disney is a business that needs to stay fresh and new.

Personally I think the new ride looks awesome. Of course, I'm a chicken and don't like drop rides, so I have never ridden the Tower of Terror anywhere. But it's one ride at one park. Not the end of the world.

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