Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Importance of Ghostbusters

There has been a lot of talk about new Ghostbusters pretty much since they announced it. Lots of anguish over the fact that the Ghostbusters were now going to be females. Many people shouted loudly that their childhoods were going to be ruined over this.

I love the original movie, it is one of my favorites from my childhood. But I adopted a "wait and see" attitude with the new one because I thought it had the chance to be good. I didn't see it opening weekend but as soon as reviews started pouring in and friends posted on social media how good it was, I knew I had to see it.

Finally last week, Emily and I headed to the theater to see it. It was wonderful! It was funny and a bit scary. But it also had these amazing characters who were just doing their thing - which was busting ghosts!

Even though I'm a girl, I've never been a fan of romcom's. Honestly, my husband likes them more than I do so I've see my fair share. But I was very pleased when there was no romance at all in Ghostbusters. Yeah, Erin kind of drools over Kevin, but he doesn't seem to notice her. And her appreciation of him isn't really noticed by him. He seems to like himself more than anyone else.

Holtzman is a big flirt, but flirting with her fellow Ghostbusters is as far as that goes. In the end, they are just four awesome women trying to save their city from destruction. It was empowering to see and I was very glad that my seven year old daughter was able to see this movie because it showed her that girls can be anything and save the day.

This is why Ghostbusters is so important. You have your Black Widows and Wonder Womans in the  super hero movies, but they are just part of a team that is vastly comprised of men. Hopefully from this point forward, we are able to see more women lead action movies.

If you haven't seen Ghostbusters, I highly recommend it. Beyond the whole girl power thing, it's a solid movie that doesn't disappoint!

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