Thursday, July 14, 2016

Disney Jamberry Battle Royale - Round Two!

It's been a while since the last Disney Jamberry Battle Royale but finally I've had a chance to try a new set of Disney wraps! You can read about Round One here!

Our defending champ is Aurora's Castle which sadly is no longer available. I love this wraps and thankfully I have about a half sheet left of them in case they stay on top in these battles. The castle on these wraps just scream "Disney" to me and they are very shiny. They also lasted a really long time, just over two weeks. This gives them an extra plus because I want my nails to look good for the entire time we are at Disney World.

The challenger is The Fairest

These wraps are from the new Snow White collection. I'm not a huge fan of animated Snow White
but as a Disney mega fan, I'm fond of it as the first full length animated film. Snow White is also my favorite character in Once Upon A Time, but that Snow and this Snow are very different.

The pictures don't really do these wraps justice. The apples are shiny and catch the light great. I'm also, in general, a big fan of dark colors for my nails and these are lovely. They were pretty easy to put on too. We'll see how these wraps hold up especially since I'll be going camping tomorrow. Camping is never easy on one's nails.

But for now, Aurora's Castle is still the winner! The Fairest is lovely but not as much as Aurora's Castle. Round Three will be coming shortly as I have sheet of Frozen wraps I need to try as well!

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