Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dragon Con 2016 - Friday

Like last year, we didn't get down to the con until Friday. We actually got to my aunt and uncle's house pretty late on Thursday, but thankfully we hadn't intended on going downtown on Thursday.

First thing we did was, of course, go get our badges. The streamlining for badge pickup is still working great so it only took a few minutes. We had gotten down to the con earlier than regular years so we went and got some food.

From there, we went back to the Sheraton for the Tarot Reading panel. Sadly, the room was packed and they didn't have enough people to do readings. So we ended up leaving early when it became clear we weren't going to get a reading.

We went to the Marriott to wait for the Walk of Fame to open. The line seemed shorter than it had been last year, and we did people watching while we waited. Once the Walk of Fame was open, we met a few people from Legends of Tomorrow.

At this point, I decided to head off to the dealer's room by myself. I did end up getting some pictures of cosplayers in the Marriott and even got a green screen picture of me thanks to the Xfinity booth that was set up there. It was very cool.

My first stop in the dealer's room was the BPAL booth because I was picking up some of the Peach scents for people who couldn't come to Dragon Con. Beth, who is the genius who creates BPAL's wonderful scents, and I had an interesting conversation for a while. I love getting to see friends who I only see at the con!

I wandered around the dealer's room, looking for blind boxes for Emily. Todd had headed to the dealer's room not long after I had and he told me that there were blind boxes on the 3rd floor of the Americas Mart.

I found some more friends when I got to the 3rd floor and then found my husband, who showed me the blind boxes he had found. He had already bought some for Emily but I bought one box for her and one box for me.

We split up again and I went to the Hyatt. First I went to the con suite for some food, and then I went to the bowels of the Hyatt for my friend Mikey Mason's concert. He did a whole set of non-comedy songs and it was heavy. It was a great show and I did get teary eyed a bit.

I met up with Todd again and we finished out our day by going to Aiden Sinclair's paranormal magic show. It was great as usual, though we did notice that even though he tells a different story every year some of the tricks he does are the same as year's past.

From there, we headed back to my aunt and uncle's house. Emily was very excited about the stuff we had gotten her. But it was time for bed because we had to be up early the next day for the parade!

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