Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dragon Con 2016 - Sunday

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Usually Sunday is our longest day at Dragon Con but we also tend not to get to the con super early. I wanted to see the panel with two of the members of N'Sync so we actually got down to the con before 10 am.

I got a pretty good seat for the panel and I even got to sit next to my friend Sandy! And her wife, Kathleen, got into the panel too so I got to see her too. Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone seemingly had a very good time at Dragon Con and their panel was quite funny.

Once that let out, I headed to the America's Mart to see some of my friend, Mikey Mason's concourse show. It was great but I headed out early because I wanted to get to the Legends of Tomorrow panel.

It was a really great panel that had four of the actors from the show. I laughed a lot as they told stories and hinted about things to come in the next season. Since I was already in the Hyatt, I stopped by the con suite to get some food. Todd attempted to find the con suite but failed, so I ended up going to meet him at the food court.

It was about this time that Todd started to not feel so good. So we opted to head back to my aunt and uncle's early. In fact, we decided to head back for home on Sunday to give ourselves all of Monday to recover.
The ride home was uneventful and it was really nice to sleep in our own beds. Thankfully Todd felt better after a day of rest. All in all, Dragon Con 2016 was pretty fun!

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