Friday, March 28, 2014

Kindergarten Readiness Rally

Yesterday, Todd, Emily and I headed to Hendersonville for the Kindergarten Readiness Rally. We weren't really sure what to expect but we try to do the kid-friendly activities around town when we can.

From one end of the mall to another, there were tables of the local schools. At each table, there was some sort of activity. All things that Kindergarten aged kids should be able to do.

Emily had a blast! She did very good at everything. She can sort her colors, she can do some spelling / reading and she's excellent with counting and math.

One of the tables had her write her name down. The lady then wrote Emily's name in different colors and cut out each letter to make a puzzle. Emily easily put the puzzle together, told the lady the letters and the colors. The lady at that table was very impressed.

Emily's been in preschool for two years now and I think that's helped her a lot with learning and preparing for kindergarten. We also have been working on her letters and reading a lot at home lately.

At her school's table, she got to meet the teachers she'll have for next year. She also got to make a stick figure of herself. She got a lot of goodies too - pencils, a cup of dirt with a seed in it and even a new book.

Emily had a great time and it's nice to see that she is indeed ready for Kindergarten. We are keeping her at her preschool for one last year because she loves her school. Then she will head off to public school for 1st grade.

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