Monday, March 31, 2014

Why I Hated the How I Met Your Mother Finale

I found How I Met Your Mother a few years after it had started and I loved it. I binged watched my way through all the current episodes available at the time and kept up with the show after that. Even though I think it jumped the shark several seasons ago, I stuck with it. Especially knowing this season was the last.

Like many other people out there, I tuned in for the finale tonight and was horribly disappointed with the end result.

Spoilers from this point on - scroll past the picture to read them. I'm a little hyped up over this so be warned, there is going to be some adult language.

Most of the episode was flash forwards and it was horribly depressing. Robin and Barney got divorced after three years of marriage, which was super annoying since the whole season had been about their wedding!!

Robin pretty much left the group which made Lilly very sad. Now, I've lost friends before and yeah, it's sad, but it's life too. They just seemed over focus so much on the sad parts that I was getting annoyed by the half way part.

Not much was done with the mother, but more focused on the group. Barney backslide for a while until he knocked up a girl and became a father. Lilly and Marshall really didn't do much - they had at least three kids and Marshall became a judge. Finally Ted and the mother got married (after having two kids but that wasn't a big deal - though I dislike Ted for not pissing or getting off the pot). And then all of a sudden, the mother is in the hospital and she fucking died!!!

The whole damn show is How I Met Your Mother - and we finally get to know her and how great she is for stupid Ted. And they kill  her off. 

This may have hit me hard because my own mother is dead and I found a handwritten letter she had sent me in college today, but still pissed me off and make me upset.

Finally it is revealed that Ted is still fucking in love with stupid Robin and the damn series ends with him going to her again.

Such a  horrible ending in my opinion! I hated it so much - which of course is why I'm writing this rant. I hate that Barney backslid so much, I never really liked Robin as a character that much and my least favorite character has always been stupid Ted. 

So it's over and I really doubt that I'll ever watch How I Met Your Mother again. Which is sad because it was a great show.

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