Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Longest Winter Ever

I've lived through some long winters thanks to growing up in Michigan, but usually the winters are much shorter and more mild in North Carolina. Not this year though.

Thanks to the polar vortexes, we have gotten tons of snow. The last time we got this much snow was in January 2011, but that was one storm. We had a normal winter after that.

I love snow for Christmas but I hate snow after, especially in March. The up and down with the weather has caused my pain levels to be much worse than normal. In the 60's one day and then below freezing and snowing the next doesn't help at all.

Yesterday I had been resting in the bedroom after work because of high pain levels. I went out into the living room and nearly started swearing. The grass was covered by snow... again.

It's nearly April and I'm praying that Spring will actually come soon. I have a picnic that I'm invited to in May and my husband keeps joking how there will be snow for the picnic. I really hope he's wrong but who knows at this point!

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