Monday, April 7, 2014

The Problem With WrestleMania

I've been a wrestling fan since I saw my first PPV event. It was August 2001 and it was Summerslam. My new roommates were big wrestling fans so I went to the bar to watch the show with them. I was hooked.

On my 2nd date with Todd, we went to a WWE house show. It also happened to be our first Valentine's day. Todd loves wrestling so we've attended many live shows over the years including WrestleMania when it was in Atlanta a few years ago.

Because Todd works 2nd shift, I don't usually watch Raw. He tapes it and watches it later, but I usually don't follow it too much. It's pretty easy to get back into it. Todd calls WWE a male soap opera which it totally is. And yes, we know it's scripted - but it's still fun to watch.

Last night, Todd opted to sign up for the WWE Network. He had been hemming and hawing about it for weeks even though I told him it was just $10 and just do it. I knew he'd love to watch all the programming that it has to offer because we still have old VHS tapes of old PPV's around the house. Now all of those are available to stream on our Roku.

Because he signed up for it, we were able to watch WrestleMania last night. The main problem with WrestleMania is that it's always, always over hyped and it never lives up to that hype. WWE has become rather predictable and I think that is what lead to the travesty last night.

The PPV was ok in the beginning. Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H was a great match as was the Battle Royal. The John Cena / Bray Wyat match was really boring but that happens. Finally we got to the Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar. There was one constant in the WWE and that was the Undertaker's streak of being undefeated at WrestleMania.

The last few years, Undertaker has only wrestled at WrestleMania and he was looking rough last night. But they should have let him win one more time and then had him retire for good. Instead, they let the streak end and let it end by a man who left WWE in order to try and be a NFL player. Brock Lesner came crawling back to the WWE in the end after he failed at that.

So the streak has ended and I'm sure I'm not the only fan who is unhappy with that decision. I know they were trying to stir things up but this was the wrong way to do it. And still, WrestleMania is still over hyped and under delivered. John Cena didn't show his dark side and from what I've read, Daniel Bryan won in the main event.

We'll still watch WWE PPVs, but WrestleMania will never be my favorite.

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