Monday, April 14, 2014

The Egg Hunt of DOOM!

I like taking Emily to the free activities around town that pop up around the holidays.  We did several for Halloween and a couple for Christmas. Now that it's Easter, I wanted to take her to the egg hunt at Carrier Park in Asheville.

It has been quite a few years since we got to go to this particular event and I didn't realize what a mob scene it was going to be. The shindig started at 2 but I didn't get out of work until 1:30. Since the park is in Asheville we didn't get there until about 3 pm.

We had a hard time finding a parking spot and ended up parking about a mile away. I had my phone with me so I turned it on my Runkeeper app. It was .93 miles from our car to the park. The walk there wasn't too bad, especially because Emily was excited.

She had a great time while we were there. She got to meet the Easter Bunny and the Bojangles Chicken. She got to play in some bounce houses as well. It was really warm on Saturday and they ran out of drinks, so by the time 4 pm rolled around and it was time for the egg hunt itself, Emily was pooped.

She did do the hunt and got 4 eggs. The nice thing was that they also gave each of the kid's a goodie bag as they left. So even if your kid didn't a ton of eggs (or any), they would get something.

Then came the Doom part of the day - the walk back to the car. It was tiring for me and Todd, but you would have thought we were killing Emily. We had told her that we weren't going to carry her back and she said she'd walk. And she did walk back the whole way.

Afterwards, we were hot, tired and sweaty. So we went to get ice cream at our favorite ice cream place, The Hop. It was super busy there too but soon we had our ice cream and got to relax for a bit.

Both Todd and I decided that we weren't going to do that particular egg hunt again. There just isn't enough parking to handle the crowds.

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