Saturday, December 21, 2013

Alumni Christmas Party

I have two college degrees. My first one is from Central Michigan and it’s my B.S. in Broadcasting. When the economy was so bad in 2007 / 2008, I went back to school and got a degree in Medical Office Administration from a local college, AB Tech.  I never got to do any alumni activities with Central since I moved to NC and I don’t know about any local chapters. But I’m still in the area so I do alumni things with AB Tech sometimes.

Last Friday was the alumni Christmas party. Emily and I had gone last year and had a great time. So we decided to go again. We took the highway because we live across town from the college. We got stuck in traffic and Emily was very concerned that we were going to miss Santa. Thankfully we made it only a few minutes late.

They had a craft table set up and snacks. Emily started working on crafts while I got us some snacks. She colored some Christmas magnets and had fun using a small paper punch. It wasn’t long after we got there when it was time for Santa to make his grand entrance.

Santa led us in a round of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and then went to sit down to meet the kids. Emily was the first one over there and she happily told Santa about the My Little Pony toy she wanted. She got her candy cane and went back to make crafts.

After a while a friend of mine and her kids came in. Emily went played with her older kids while we were able to catch up a little. The party was winding down so it was time for us to go.

It was a lovely party. Emily’s only complaint was that Santa didn’t read “The Night Before Christmas” like he had last year. Beyond that, we both had a very good time!

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