Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Countdown Chain

When I was a kid, every year for Christmas we would make an advent countdown chain. My mom would carefully cut out strips of green and red construction paper to make rings while there was a topper colored by my sister and I for each of our chains.

As we got older, we still made the chains, but we did most of the work ourselves by looping the chains and stapling them together. I hadn’t done the countdown chain with Emily for Christmas yet, but she loved her Disney World countdown chain that I decided to do a Christmas one this year.

I cut out a Star for her top and she decorated it with stickers and crayon. I cut out the rings and looped them together. When it was all done, we hung it up in her room so she can take a ring off each night.

This Christmas countdown chain is a cheap and easy project to do. I bought a pack of construction paper for a couple bucks and just used tape I already had to attach the rings. Emily had a great time with it and was very excited to take off her first link at bedtime.

It was really great to be able to introduce a beloved tradition from my childhood to my daughter.

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