Thursday, December 12, 2013

Trimming the Tree!

Yesterday we got our house finally decorated for Christmas. I think this is the latest that we’ve gotten done it but at least the tree is up now.

Emily loves putting the decorations on the tree and was very excited to get started. Unfortunately, none of our lights were working so I had to run to the store to get new lights. Luckily the store wasn’t too crowded and I got in and out pretty fast.

Todd and I strung the lights on the tree. We let Emily start putting ornaments on after that. Todd got her our step stool so she could put some up higher. We thought this might save from the normal clumping that always happens. What happened was she just wanted to put the ornaments on the higher branches instead of the lower ones.

This year we also used some of the breakable ornaments since Emily is older now. We made sure to put them up high enough up so the cats couldn't reach them. One ornament did get smashed. Emily accidentally dropped it. She did feel badly but we made sure to let her know it was an accident.

Once the tree was decorated, we had some supper in the glow of the lights. The tree looks great and it’s nice to have all of our Christmas things up!

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