Monday, December 9, 2013

Emily and The Cats

When we first got our house, both Todd and I got a pet. I got our Star kitty and he got a dog that kept trying to bite us in the face. We took the dog back because he wasn’t a good fit for us. We adopted our second cat, Willow, after we got home from our honeymoon.

I love my cats and I was a little afraid that they would be weirded out once we brought Emily home when she was a baby. They adjusted quickly and all was well. Even when Emily was very small, we taught her to be gentle with the cats.

A few years ago we decided that Emily was old enough that we could get another cat. We picked out a small orange kitten and named him Sam. Even though Emily was good with our other cats, the addition of a kitten was probably a little too early. Sam was young and so is Emily so there was a bit of an adjustment period.

We continue to stress that Emily needs to be nice to the cats. She has gotten scratched before because she tried to do something that wasn’t nice (like pulling on Sam’s tail) and we would patch her up, but not punish Sam at all because he was just defending himself.

She’s pretty good now and likes petting any cats that happen to be in my lap or Todd’s. She knows that our cats are part of our family and that we need to be nice to them.

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