Tuesday, January 26, 2016

No Mo Snow

I don't like winter or snow. Growing up in the Land of Snow (ie Michigan), I've had my fill of it to last a lifetime. Thankfully winter is generally a lot shorter in NC than MI, but we generally get a snowstorm or two.

A lot of times, the weather will call for a storm but it will fall apart over the mountains. We were forecasted to have a major storm late last week, so there was a run on milk and bread. Because apparently in the South you need milk and bread to outlast a snow storm.

It started overnight on Thursday and then it snowed all day on Friday. The storms rolling in made me miserable. The pressure changes with a snow storm used to not make my pain levels as high as with a thunderstorm or just rain. But the last few years, it's reversed so I was in a lot of pain.

It didn't snow on Saturday but we had high winds so all the snow kept drifting around. Sunday the sun finally came out and yesterday it was close to 50 degrees out.

Despite the warmer weather, there is still a lot of snow. I had to go out to the post office to mail out a package yesterday. The secondary roads and even the main road that runs from Hendersonville to Asheville was still partly covered. I think for the secondary roads, DOT is just planning on waiting for it to melt which is annoying.

The other annoying thing is that I we haven't gotten mail since Thursday. I can understand no mail on Friday and Saturday but there was no reason they couldn't deliver yesterday. 

Emily is off from school for the 3rd day and we are all going a little stir crazy. I'm hoping that Emily will be back at school tomorrow and that the roads will be clearer. And no more snow for the rest of the season would be great too!!


  1. We're expecting temperatures in the high 50s, so the odds of melting are high.

  2. Yep! I can see grass again in some parts of my lawn already. It was just a lot of snow.