Sunday, February 2, 2014

Me and Football!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! In honor of the big game today, here is the story of how I became and stayed a football fan.

When I was in high school, I was part of the marching band. This required me to be at every home football game. A lot of the other kids would just talk and ignore the game, but I decided that if I had to be there every Friday I should know the basics.

My parents always watched the Lions on Sunday. Though my dad did more watching and my mom would often nap on the couch. But they were both more than happy to explain how football works. I started watching the Lions with them nearly every Sunday.

I continued to watch football in college though not as regularly. I would often go to the home games for my college, Central Michigan, in part because it was a cheap way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

After college, I started dating Todd. He loves football so once we moved in together Sundays were football days during the season. When we first started dating, he watched more college football but he always preferred the NFL.

When we bought our house, he was excited to get DirectTV for the NFL Sunday ticket. That he could watch any game he wanted, including our team the Lions. Emily knows that on Sundays in football season, Daddy gets the TV in the living room. She’ll play in the living room while football is on. She picks teams to root for by the color of their uniforms, but she knows how to put her arms in the air when a team gets a touchdown.

Emily is excited to watch some of the big game tonight with her mommy and daddy. I’m not sure which team she’ll be rooting for but I’ll try to live tweet her responses to the game on Twitter. Todd doesn’t really care which team wins either but I’ll be rooting for the Seahawks because they are my friend Judy’s team.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday – with football or without! 

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