Monday, February 3, 2014

Todd and MS

Last month my husband was complaining about double vision in his left eye. He didn’t think much of it because it wasn’t painful, just annoying. I kept bugging him to go to the doctor’s and finally after trying to work a 12 hour shift with it he went to urgent care.

Urgent care couldn’t find anything wrong so they sent him to the hospital. The ER ran a bunch of tests and found lesions which are a sign of MS. He was admitted to the hospital and stayed there for four days. It was some of the longest four days of my life, in part because of worry over Todd and worry over Emily who had the flu. I also got the flu, but luckily for both of us it was short lived.

Todd was released from the hospital after four days with a diagnosis of MS and type two diabetes. The diabetes isn’t too bad and it’s something that he should be able to control with diet changes. The MS isn’t bothering him at the moment but we know it’s something that will get worse as he ages.

The next week Todd spent trying to get a detailed doctor’s note so he could go back to work. Originally he didn’t have an appointment until March but finally they were able to squeeze him in allowing him to go back to work.

So far he’s been feeling okay. I’ve been sick with worry and have been feeling worse than normal with my own chronic issues. We are slowly getting back to normal but making some changes to be healthier. We have changed our diet as a family. Todd’s dropped a lot of weight already and I’ve lost a few pounds too.

All in all, it could be worse but it’s quite a shock. Now we have two people with chronic health conditions but I’m sure we’ll manage. Hopefully the rest of the year won’t be as bad as January was. 

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