Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow Day!

Often there will be a lot of hysteria around here when snow is in the forecast. But we've gotten a lot of snow this winter so we knew to hunker down when nearly a foot of snow as called for earlier this week. We didn't get a foot but we got enough that both Emily and Todd had two snow days.

Emily loves the snow, in part because she really hasn't gotten to play in it before. In years past, we'd get some snow but it wouldn't be a lot and it would usually melt the next day. But we got a bunch so a few days ago, I braved the cold to take her out to play.

The first thing she wanted to do was build a snowman, thanks in part to her love of Frozen. The snow was perfect packing snow so we quickly built a snowman. Then Emily decided that her snowman needed a friend so we built another snowman.

After that, she wanted to have a snowball fight. She would pick up big chunks of snow but thankfully her aim was poor and didn't actually hit me. I hit her a few times but my aim was better so I mostly got her in the
back with small snowballs.

We played a little more but I was getting cold and getting a migraine. So we took our bowl that we had brought out to get some snow to make snow ice cream. 

Once we were inside, we took off our wet clothes. Emily was really excited to help me make the snow ice cream. I added too much vanilla so it tasted weird to me. But Emily loved it and that's what matters. We had extra snow in the bowl so Todd tried to make some. His was better but I'm not a huge fan of snow ice cream. But it was fun to make with Emily.

Even though the cold gave me a huge migraine, it was worth it to see Emily's big smiles!

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