Sunday, July 7, 2013

Trying Out

Emily's home page
I've been seeing commercials for since Emily was small and we started watching cartoons. But I didn't think to try it out until now. We were watching TV before church and I saw another commercial and decided to go to the website.

Since they were offering a month for free, I decided to sign Emily up. We didn't get a chance to check it out until after church, but she was hooked right away. She wanted to keep playing the games, but we took a break to go to the movies and take a nap.

So far, Emily is having a lot of fun. I’m not sure how much she is learning yet but we’ll see how it goes. We have a month for free and I’ll give updates as the month goes on.

Has anyone else used Did your kids learn a lot?


  1. Hi, Mandy. It's Kathleen/LadyBeBop from the DisBoards and Disney October Facebook group. I believe your Emily is exactly two weeks older than my DGD, Cora (DOB 10-31-08).

    We got for Cora about a year ago. And she loves it. Yes, she is learning. But it's all a fun game to her.

    Watch out though. She'll earn a lot of points which she can use to "buy" things. Cora has so much virtual stuff that her virtual room is overflowing.

    Emily will love it.

  2. Shiny :) She really enjoying it so far. I don't think she's figured out that can buy stuff yet. She likes the prizes she gets when finishes a lesson.