Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cosplay and Snobs

An example of piss poor cosplay
So I have another Heroes of Cosplay rant. I love the show for the beautiful costumes, but sometimes the attitudes on the show annoy me to no end.

In this week’s episode we see Monika being uber bitchy at every turn. I’m not sure why and I’m not sure if they edited her to be that way, but her attitude really sucked. Especially when she was so mean to Becky who I think has made some wonderful costumes. Cosplay should be about wearing costumes and having fun, but Monika sucked all the fun out.  It was a shame too since Fushigi Yugi is one of my favorite animes.

Now I’m not a very good cosplayer. I buy costumes and I hobble other ones together. I hand sewed my Kaylee layer cake dress and it turned out ok, but it’s falling apart now. I've had people look down at me for even thinking about making the layer cake because it’s complicated. I was told that I shouldn't do it unless I can sew really well and I got a snotty attitude from another layer cake cosplayer when I marched in the Dragon Con parade a few years ago.

Yes, it was kind of crappy, but it turned out better than I thought. And I had fun wearing it, which is the point of cosplay. Now I wouldn't complete in any of the cosplay contests, especially at Dragon Con, because I know my costumes aren’t that great. But I cosplay to run around in a fun costume.

I wore three costumes at Dragon Con this year. Two of them I bought and one I put together. I didn't get a lot of people asking me to take my picture, but a few people did. I can’t imagine not wearing a costume to Dragon Con and I had fun wearing the ones that I did. Unfortunately, there will be those snobby people who look down at other cosplayers because their costumes might not be as great as theirs.


  1. First, I think your layer cake looks great! :D

    Second, I'm in awe at some of the elaborate cosplay I've seen over the years, but clearly we don't all have the same amount of time, money and talent to devote to cosplay. That doesn't mean we shouldn't try. People who look down on casual cosplayers need to remember where they came from. They didn't emerge from the womb knowing how to design and sew like a pro. And besides, some of us have other priorities—like work, parenthood, and other pursuits—that prevent us from spending every waking hour working on costumes. All this snobbery and divisiveness within the geek community just makes me sad. Can't we all just enjoy our crazy hobbies and have fun together?

  2. Thanks :) It is put together badly because it's now falling apart. But I'm still pretty proud of it since I hand sewed it.

    I wish people would remember that cosplay is suppose to be fun :(