Monday, September 2, 2013

The Bad of Dragon Con

This year was my 7th Dragon Con. Always there are good and bad things about the con. I’m sure if the bad outweighs the good, we’d stop going. But so far that hasn't happened. I’ll be covering the good things in my day by day con reports.

The biggest bad of Dragon Con this year were the crowds. Usually Friday and Sunday are less crowded, but there was a huge amount of people on Friday. And it got more crowded on Sunday when everyone went inside when the thunderstorms started. Of course, Saturday was insanely crowed as usual. Sometimes it was hard to move.

Since I had to work until 3:30 pm on Thursday, we had to get our badges on Friday. Last year, it took maybe ten minutes to get through the reg line and we had hoped for a similar experience this year. Alas, last year was a fluke. We got in the line that was wrapped around the Sheraton around 8:30 am. The line did move pretty fast and once we got inside, it only took about five minutes. The problem was that pre reg and at con reg people were put in the same line outside. It would have taken a lot less time if they had a way to separate everyone from the beginning. But we made it through in about 45 minutes so I was able to make my panel.

The last big bad of the con was the move of the dealer’s room to the America’s Mart. It seemed like a good idea because supposedly it would give more room for the dealers. But it was still really crowded and the layout was super confusing. We got lost and turned around a lot especially when we were trying to find the exit. It wasn't a great move in my opinion.

That was it for the bad. There was a lot of good of Dragon Con this year. I’ll be posting about each day starting tomorrow once I get a little more rest.

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