Friday, September 6, 2013

Dragon Con 2013 - Sunday

This is the 3rd installment of my Dragon Con Trip Report. Click the links for Friday's post and Saturday's post!

The Sunday of Dragon Con is always the last day for us because we like to get home as early as possible on Monday since we have a three and a half hour drive. Plus I had to work the next day so I like to rest and recover on Labor Day.

Sunday we slept in a little. I slept as long as Emily would let me, but I let Todd sleep for a while after that. Emily and I played the Dino Hunt Dice that I had gotten her the day before. I won the first two games, but she stomped me on the third game.

We got Todd up and I got dressed. I wore my American McGee’s Alice dress and it was really comfortable. We got down to the con and went to the Sheraton for another ghost investigation panel. It was just as interesting as the first one we went to, but there was a jerk in the audience. They did a q&a session after they did their presentation, and this guy started basically attacking them. Saying that that must not think that their research wasn't good or true if they hadn't entered some contest where if you prove the existence of life after death you’d win a million dollars. The spirit hunters didn't know what he was talking about and he was just really being a dick. After he said his piece, he just left.

I know that people are skeptics but there is no reason to be a dick about it, especially at a panel on the paranormal track. Dragon Con even has a whole skeptics track for those who don’t believe. It was just rude.

But from there, we went to get in line to see a paranormal illusionist. Neither Todd nor I knew what to expect but it sounded cool and we were already in the Sheraton. It ended up being awesome! It was creepy and interesting and his tricks were top notch. He had a lot of audience participation and it was one of the highlights of the con.

From there, we were going to head back to the food court, but it had started pouring and we didn’t have an umbrella. We waited a few minutes but when it looked like it wasn't going to let up anytime soon, I broke down and bought an expensive umbrella from the gift shop.

I huddled next to Todd and we made it back to the Peachtree Center without getting too soaked. My feet were wet though because I was wearing my crocs. Since it was pouring, everyone had come inside so it was suddenly very crowded. We had to wait in line just to get into the food court. We got food and then went back to the Marriott (and had to wait in line again) to wait for the last panel I was going to be on.

We had about an hour before the panel started and ended up being first in line. We ate our lunch and had fun
Phineas and Ferb cosplayers!
people watching as we waited for the panel. Since I was a panelist, I got to go in early which was cool. The panel was on Phineas and Ferb and it was a lot of fun. We had a pretty full room and a few Phineas and Ferb cosplayers!

Once the panel was over, so was Dragon Con for us. I was beat and there wasn't really anything else that I wanted to do so we headed out.

It was an interesting Dragon Con. I didn't go to any of the huge panels this year and found that I had more fun going to the smaller panels. It was crowded but I still had a lot of fun and will be back next year!

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