Friday, August 16, 2013

Dragon Con Nightmare

My missing costume
This year’s Dragon Con will be the 7th one I've attended. I've had many Dragon Con dreams over the years, but last night I had my first Dragon Con nightmare.

It was the Friday of the con, and we were running late. I couldn't find the costume I wanted to wear that day so I just threw on this blue sleeveless dress that was handmade and looked like crap. Once we got down to the con, I went to another panel at 10 am, forgetting for a moment that I was supposed to be a panelist on another panel.

I got to my panel a few minutes late and there was hardly no-one attending. The other panelists and I talked about Disney stuff, but soon we were alone as the people left. It was sad.

Todd was at the con, but so were several members of my family. Some that wouldn't ever attend something like Dragon Con in real life. My dad was there too, and he actually came to Dragon Con a few years ago in real life. It was just odd.

After the failure of the panel, I decided I looked awful in the blue dress and I needed to go home to change. I looked for Todd all over the con and finally found him pouting because he didn't have any money to spend. We were leaving the con together when my alarm went off.

I think my mind was stressing over the fact that I can’t find one of my costumes in real life. It’s somewhere in the mess that is my office. I thought I had plenty of time, but yesterday I realized that there is only two weeks until the con.

To keep from having another nightmare, I really hope I can find my costume today!

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