Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Love the Dragon Con App!
I've been going to Dragon Con for many years. Traditionally, this would be the time of the year that the pocket program would be released. It would come in the form of a spreadsheet and would take a long time to pour over all the panels and events that were being offered.

Some people would print out their pdf pocket program and bring it to them to the con. I would always just use the copy provided when I would pick up my badge. It is always pretty flimsy and would start having major wear by the end of the first day. It would be falling apart usually by Sunday.

While it was organized in a way that it wasn't too hard to find out where you were going and wanted to do, it could be cumbersome at times. All of that changed last year with the release of the Dragon Con app.

The app is available for Android and Apple phones. It has all of the schedules for each of the tracks, maps, news, lists of vendors and more. It also has a great feature were you can add friends and then be able to see their schedule.

The full schedule is out now, and I was easily able to go to all my favorite tracks and add the panels that sound interesting to my schedule. Of course, there are some time periods were I’d need five more of me to do everything I’d want to do, but it’s easy to adjust the schedule in the app.

Now I can just pull out my phone and see what I want to do next at the con instead of flipping through the pocket program. It’s a wonderful app. The only real flaw that it has is that you have to generate a different friend code per person. That can get tedious when you have a large amount of friends. I’d love it if next year each person could get one friend code that is unique to them to give out to all their friends.

Otherwise, the app makes everything so much easier when trying to juggle the awesomeness of Dragon Con. I’d recommend it for any Dragon Con attendee with a smart phone.


  1. I tried to leave this comment yesterday but it wouldn't work. I'd love a friend code for you!