Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Miss You, Mom

Me and my mom
Eleven years ago, my mom passed away. Even though I was technically an adult, I was still a kid in so many ways. I had just graduated from college a few days before she passed. She actually made it to see me graduate but had to be in a wheelchair because of being so weak.

She had been one of those super healthy, really skinny people. She never really got sick until she got colon cancer. She fought the cancer for nearly 2 years but in the end, it had spread and there weren't any options left. She was barely 51 when she passed away.

I miss her everyday because she was a great mom. She was looking so forward to being a grandmother, even though it was still a while off before Miss Emily would be born. I wasn't even dating Todd at that point. She would have adored Emily.

Today is especially hard for me as well as my dad. But as Christians, we both know that we'll see her again. I have a feeling that she is also keeping an eye on us. Every once in a while, I feel overwhelmed by her presence. Still I wish she was still here.

I miss you, mom.

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