Friday, August 2, 2013

Emily and her Oddly Named Imaginary Friend

When Todd and I started dating, I let him know that religion is very important to me. Thankfully, he was already a Christian with a belief in God. He didn't really care what domination we were, so we are Lutheran since that’s what I grew up as.

Emily’s been a member of the same church since she was a baby. She was baptized when she was about three months old. She started going to preschool at our church last year and attended her first Vacation Bible School this summer.

Because we are a Christian household, we pray and talk about God a lot. Since Emily is four, she is able to understand some of it. We focus on how God loves us and I have also told her that thunder is just God bowling because the noise freaks her out.

Right after VBS this year, she started talking more about God and how he was with her. It morphed into god being her imaginary friend. Her friend, god, is a little boy about her age who likes cars. She doesn't talk about him all the time but sometimes, and she does know he’s imaginary and that it’s just a game.

I haven’t discouraged her at all, but I do wonder what some people might think when she starts talking about her friend, god, in the store. But I want to encourage her to use her imagination because I think imagination is a good thing.

Did your kids ever have an oddly named imaginary friend?

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